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Welcome to GreatShift

This site gives you the opportunity to customize your PlaneShift client or add some useful features.
Have fun while poking around!


- 05/14/2016 -
PSExtended 1.4 is ready!
This is the first release with Mac OS X binaries.
@Windows users: The installer has been completely rewritte. So read carefully!
- 12/30/2014 -
Windows and Linux builds of PSExtended 1.3 as well as BoNeeSkin 2.8.7 are ready for download!
- 12/11/2014 -
Thanks to a very good friend I was able to rework the design and give GreatShift a new coloring!
Please, use the poll for a short feedback or contact me, if something is badly wrong.
- 04/20/2014 -
Happy Easter!
For those, who have problems loading PSExtended because of missing library files under linux, the Easter bunny dropped a little present: libsPack-v1.2_Lx64.7z.
Just extract the needed file to "%PlaneShift%/libs/".
- 04/07/2014 -
Here we go: PSExtended 1.2 is ready!
- 01/01/2014 -
Happy New Year to Everyone!
Let's start this year with an update which addresses some client crashes: PSExtended 1.1.1
- 11/23/2013 -
Today I updated the BoNeeSkin for those who cannot or do not want to use PSExtended.
- 11/21/2013 -
The new PSExtended 1.1 is ready!
It is based on PlaneShift 0.6.0.
If you are updating from an old PSExtended version, I suggest to create a new profile folder, so you can check out PSExtended's default settings (e.g. ChatWindow text coloration).
With this version the profile's character folder name changed to the first name of your PlaneShift character. So don't be shocked, your settings are not gone. Just change that folder name.
  • Run the PSLaunch's update function with the following repair procedure
  • Install PSExtended or just overwrite everything with the 7-zip package
- 08/20/2013 -
Today I uploaded the first development release (RC4) of PSExtended 1.1.
Many thanks to Hirene for a lot of testing work and feature requests!
And thanks to Hupus who helped me builing a linux x64 binary!

You should check out the new wordlist pack too...
- 03/19/2013 -
Update for PSExtended to version 1.0.1 due to official release of PS