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last edit: 12/06/2014
A screenshot of a surface plot.
The samples are incomplete, so this is no spoiler.
The plot is freely rotatable and
the red dot will follow your position.

"A while ago, I searched these boards for various key words,
and I was amazed by the number of matches for "mini map" in the wish list and complaint department.

Agreed, the widely used game feature does not really fit into the concept and world of PlaneShift,
but if a player really wants this sort of OoC information, why should he or she not make a simple tool to get it.
That's probably not much more than a one liner in gnuplot and awk, I said to myself, and gave it a try.
And here is the first result:

BoniMaps 1.0

Below I just post the Readme file, which may be a bit lengthy, but should cover all questions about this package. I just realize that this is much text for such a minimalistic tool.

Notice that this is not a PlaneShift mod, nor a tool to generate in-game maps (xml sketches). If you are looking for that sort of utility, there are some very interesting threads on this "mods" board, for instance Derula's SVG to sketch converter or Tontow's MapMaker.

I hope some of you will find this useful.
Feel free to leave productive comments or send me a PM if you have any technical problems with this tool."